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If you'd like to suggest a published article for Have Faith, Will Parent to highlight, please email Shoshana Kordova at the address above with the following subject line: "Have Faith Will Parent suggestion: [Article headline]." You may submit a suggestion whether or not you wrote the article. Blog posts are accepted for consideration. Please make sure the suggested article addresses both religion and parenting. Note that articles behind a paywall are unlikely to be posted on this site.

If you'd like to write an article for Have Faith, Will Parent:

Before we go any further, we need to make it clear that as of now, the only way to get paid for an article that appears on this site is to write it for another outlet first. Since we believe writers should get paid for their work but we don't have the dough to shell out, the primary method we are using to get parenting+religion articles under one roof is highlighting articles that have already been published (we do this by teasing the article and linking back to the original story).

If you have considered this and would like to write for us anyway, please pitch or submit essays or tips to Shoshana Kordova at the address above. Remember that the piece has to address both religion and parenting. Please put the following in your subject line: "Have Faith Will Parent pitch: [Topic or proposed headline]." 

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