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Staying Catholic at Harvard

A Catholic mother of four critically examines a recent book offering tips on how college students can hold on to religion.


"Among the tasks that face any emerging adult who has been raised in a family where faith matters—hardly a given in our so-called 'post-Christian' culture—is the need to come to terms with the religious faith of his or her childhood," writes Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill in her review of Aurora Griffin's recent book, "How I Stayed Catholic at Harvard: 40 Tips for Faithful College Students."


"This process may begin in college and extend well into one’s twenties," writes Kirkland Cahill. "It may have a variety of outcomes. Some young adults jettison religion altogether, floating indifferently into the secular mainstream, for a time or forever.  Others manage to hold onto the faith they learned as children, making incremental alterations to fit their more mature and cosmopolitan souls. Still others find new spiritual identities by converting to an entirely different faith tradition."





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