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The Changing Shape of Love


This Valentine's Day, read about a woman who left the Hasidic life she lived for 30 years – and came out as a lesbian – when she began feeling invisible.

"Birth control was forbidden: I had seven children, and fell in love with them. The kids were a place where my spontaneous love was legitimate, my outlet for creativity and honest conversation, and a rare source of respect I had to earn but could also rightfully demand," writes Leah Lax, author of the memoir "Uncovered." 


"How is it that I am here years later living with my Susan, defiant of the dictates of any religion, in an average middle-aged life?" asks Lax. "You could say it had to do with the erotic dreams or that ache in my skin, or exhaustion from a 'life of the spirit' so utterly physical for women. But I was well trained and would have continued like so many others.


"I left when I felt invisible."



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