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A Passover Seder and a Sobering Reminder of Life Without Children

At 44, Elana Rabinowitz had just undergone her first round of fertility treatments, after years of false hope and misdiagnosed Mr. Rights.


Passover is in many ways geared toward children, and yearning for a child of one's own can have special resonance in the midst of the Passover seder. Reading about the four sons in the Haggadah and watching other people's children sit around the table can feel different when you are hoping for new life inside you.


"I could no longer put my decision off. I didn’t want another holiday to pass without a chance to create my own family," writes Rabinowitz.


"As I sat through the Seder, feasting on pot roast and quinoa, I began to wonder what my life would be like this time next year. What would it be like to cross over to parenthood?"





Kayama Moms: Community and Support for Jewish Single Mothers by Choice

Puah Institute: The Couple's Guide to Jewish Fertility Challenges

Passover 2017





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