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How to Make a Kid-Friendly Seder


The Passover seder is all about telling the story of the Israelites' exodus from Egypt, even feeling like we're reliving it. It's a dramatic tale of the transition from bondage to freedom, and sure, there are the four questions and maybe an afikomen present for finding the renegade piece of matzah (or hiding it, depending on how your family rolls) to keep people interested.


But let's face it: The seder text itself isn't all that dramatic, and it can sometimes be hard for kids (not to mention grown-ups) to get into the spirit when they're hungrily awaiting the chicken soup and kneidlach. Many parents are looking for more ways to keep their kids engaged with one of the most significant rituals in Jewish tradition.


 So what's a parent at a seder to do? 


Toronto-based curator, producer and writer Evelyn Tauben has some answers, including BYOP, smoothie pops and Passover bingo, or as Tauben's family refers to it, matz-o.




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