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Thank God It's Friday

What's a holy day?


It could be a holiday that only rolls around once a year.


But it can also be a special day that comes every week.


For Jews, that's the Sabbath, a day of rest that begins sundown Friday and ends Saturday night. For Muslims, it's Friday: not exactly a sabbath, but a day traditionally dedicated to midday prayers and a sermon at the mosque.


What does a Friday look like, then, from the perspective of an Orthodox Jewish mother and an observant Muslim mother? How do family and religion intertwine for each?


That's what Shoshana Kordova and Saadia Faruqi talk about here.


But first, a quiz. Are the following lines about an Orthodox Jewish family or a Muslim one?


"It was their weekly fun"

"The texture of time has shifted"

"Friday has a quasi-weekend status"

"I tend to appreciate it more because it is a regular working day; because I have to make an effort to make it significant."


Read the story to find out the answers.





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