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Mother's Day 2017: Yearning for a Mother Who Understands You

Celebrated on Hallmark cards and breakfast trays, and in churches, living rooms and restaurants across America, Mother's Day tends to highlight the good stuff about relationships between mothers and their children. What's more, popular depictions of Mother's Day celebrations in the U.S. tend to have a certain Middle America (read: white and Christian) flavor.


Needless to say, the second Sunday in May also comes around for those who don't particularly want to celebrate their relationships with their mothers, and for families neither white nor Christian.


Enter an interview with writer Fariha Roisin, conducted by GOOD Magazine associate editor Tasbeeh Herwees.


It's a conversation between two Muslim, first-generation daughters who have had difficult relationships with their mothers – a conversation that discusses mental illness, "that cavern of longing that you have when you yearn for a mother," and the saying by Mohammed that “Heaven is at a mother’s feet."




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