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The Orthodox Jewish Fashion Trend That Gives Me Freedom


For all that globalization has come to rule the world, some subcultures continue to set their own fashion trends that may look odd or downright ugly to outsiders. Israeli Orthodox Judaism is one of those subcultures – and the skirt-over-pants look is one of those trends, writes Shoshana Kordova.


"Not long after I moved from New Jersey to Israel in my early 20s, I noticed a fashion trend I hadn’t seen before: Orthodox young women, many of whom traditionally wear only skirts outside the house as an expression of modesty, were increasingly wearing pants under those skirts," writes Kordova. 


During her time in Israel, Kordova has seen the trend shift from new to unremarkable. She has also seen it change shape, with more Orthodox girls and women wearing leggings under skirts in the past few years. And she has seen the liberating effect it has had on her daughters.


"On my daughters’ gym days, they just wear their usual informal uniform: a shirt with the school logo, sneakers that make it easy for them to kick a ball, a skirt that gives them room to run and jump, and leggings that mean they don’t have to worry about accidentally flashing the rest of the class when doing cartwheels on the artificial grass of the school playground," she writes. "I’m not even sure my daughters realize what they’re missing by wearing leggings under their skirts, but I know. They’re missing the constant nagging presence that takes up mental space even as it becomes second nature, the propriety monitor in their heads that asks questions like 'Can people see my underwear if I sit like this?' and makes statements like 'Maybe I shouldn’t play, because I don’t want to get a run in my tights.'”


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