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The One Jewish Holiday That's Foolproof

It's not one of the better-known Jewish holidays, and those who didn't grow up with it may find it intimidating and strange, writes Barbara Brotman.


All the same, she says, Sukkot – also known as the Feast of Tabernacles or Festival of Booths, a week-long holiday in which Jews traditionally eat their meals in huts or booths built especially for the festival – has the virtue of being foolproof.


Sukkot can help parents cement their children's Jewish identity, provide deep spiritual meaning and help families bond with friends of all religions.


But what makes it even better, writes Brotman, is that "there is no weather condition that can ruin it, no outdoor dining crisis that can derail it."


"No matter what happens," she writes, "Sukkot just ends up being different kinds of wonderful."


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