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How to Make Women Feel More Welcome in Synagogue



"There’s something compelling about the idea that as an Orthodox Jew, no matter where I am in the world, all I have to do to feel at home is find a synagogue," writes Shoshana Kordova. "But after nearly four decades of as a female Jew in synagogues in the United States and Israel, I am finally, belatedly, starting to absorb the message the Jewish community has been sending me and countless other girls and women all this time."


That message is encapsulated in scenario after scenario in which girls and women are shunted to the sidelines of Jewish communal life.


As Kordova looks toward the day when her four daughters become more independent synagogue-goers, she offers several suggestions Jewish communities and synagogues could adapt to help girls, women and all parents feel like they belong.


"The reason men often provide insider access for women is that in too many synagogues, Jewish women are outsiders in the sacred space of their own religion," Kordova writes. "Jewish women are Jews in their own right, and Jewish institutions need to treat them as such – not just sometimes, but all the time."


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