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Don't Just Do Hanukkah Things for Your Kids. Here's How to Get Them Involved


Hanukkah is already a pretty kid-friendly holiday. But here's the thing: That doesn't mean parents have to get everything ready while the kids have all the fun.


Here are a few ways to let kids in on the behind-the-scenes action:


1. Hanukkah food like latkes, or potato pancakes, tends to be pretty labor-intensive to prepare. But wait! Don't forget that kids often love helping the kitchen. Let them! Why should the grown-ups do all the work? 


2. Setting up the menorah, or hanukkiya, may seem to us grown-ups like the boring but necessary prep work behind the main event of the actual lighting. But getting the kids involved in setting it up can give them a greater sense of ownership over the tradition. Plus, who wants to get stuck with the yellow candle when what you really want is the purple one?


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