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5 Things You Wanted to Know About Orthodox Christmas But Didn't Know How to Ask

By January 6, a lot of folks are getting back into their routines after Christmas and New Year's. But for Orthodox Christians, Christmas is just beginning.


Below are a few Orthodox Christmas traditions:


1.  Christmas dinner consists of 12 specific dishes, including borscht, or beet soup, to represent the 12 apostles.


2. It's not just the food that's symbolic; it's also the tablecloth. The tablecloth is white and it's set with an extra place setting. It's not for an extra helping of borscht, though; it's for the spirits of deceased relatives.


3. And it's not just the tablecloth that's symbolic; it's what's beneath it – namely, wheat, garlic and sugar. These represent a rich harvest (wheat), they ward off the evil spirits (garlic) and they represent a sweet life (sugar).



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