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A Japanese Coming-of-Age Ceremony in Jerusalem

After 30 years of living in Japan, New York-raised Jewish journalist, artist and mother of two Liane Grunberg Wakabayashi decided to move to Israel.


Her daughter Miriam and son Hillel, who had grown up in Japan with their American mother and Japanese father, came with her – leaving Liane with the delicate problem of what to do about Miriam's Seijinshiki, a kimono debut at age 20 that was very important to Miriam's Japanese grandmother, Hiroko.


Ultimately, Hiroko came to the Holy City.


"In Jerusalem, my mother-in-law allotted half her time for the week of her visit to sight-seeing around the Old City. The other half Hiroko spent practicing her kimono-dressing skills. She began the same way each day: by placing a soft sash under Miriam's bust – necessary for making the taut narrow tube of a kimono silhouette," writes Liane.


"Hiroko can sleep easy knowing that Japanese tradition is alive and well on Jerusalem soil."


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