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My Husband Takes the Kids to Church and I Stay Home. Is That a Problem?


Stay at Home Sundays asked Slate's parenting advice column, Care and Feeding, about her family's church situation.


When the advice seeker married her husband, both were "adamantly secular." Now he has started attending Catholic Mass and talking about getting their children baptized.


She was raised Catholic, but no longer goes to church.


"My concern lies in the future of our relationship and how to handle our divergent belief systems with our children," writes Stay at Home Sundays. "After the Mass, my husband started talking about the kids being baptized, and he thinks I should come back to the church."


"How do I let him do what makes him happy while also making it clear that I want nothing to do with it?" she asks. "How do I talk to my kids about this once they’re a little older and start having questions as to why Mommy stays at home while Daddy goes to church? How do I navigate respecting his desire to baptize our kids when I don’t want them baptized before they can make that decision for themselves?"




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