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Taking a Summer Vacation With the Kids When Your Family Eats Halal or Kosher

Ahhhh, vacation. Time to relax in the sun and dig into your reading pile, leaving your day-to-day cares far behind. 


Unless, of course, you've got kids... and for some reason have decided to take them with you. 


Let's face it, your summer trip (we suppose you could call it a vacation if you absolutely must) will probably stay on track better if you've got lots of meals and snacks on hand for the whiny folks than if you get to the museum as soon as it opens.


And if all that feeding sounds a little too much like your regular life, just remember that at least the scenery has changed. That's gotta count for something.


But what about when keeping those kids fed is not quite as straightforward as ducking into whichever fast-food chain is in the rest stop? For families that keep kosher or halal, the whole vacation concept can be a little bit trickier.


Here are a few suggestions for halal- and kosher-friendly destinations in North America and around the world, from Noor Shariff and Dani and Arielle Klein:


• Alanya, Turkey

"Ahh…what not to love about Turkey," writes Shariff. "It is indeed one of the best Muslim friendly destinations for summer – the people, the history, the food, and the architecture!"


• New Orleans, Louisiana

"In search of an alternative winter vacation, we headed down to NOLA this past January," write the Kleins. "We had a ball and highly recommend as a family friendly and fun destination, that has a surprising amount of kosher options."


• Berlin, Germany

"One of the Muslim friendly destinations for summer has got to be the capital of Germany, Berlin!" writes Shariff. "With a huge Turkish population in the city, Berlin has become one of the Muslim friendly destinations for summer."


• Montreal, Canada

"It feels like you’re in Europe, but it's only an hour+ flight from most cities in the Northeast," write the Kleins. "The large Jewish population ensures that the city has many kosher restaurants—and many good ones at that."


                                                                                                                           [Mr & Mrs Halal,]


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